Please help a rattie out! PLEASE HELP!

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Please help a rattie out! PLEASE HELP!

Post  bijoujou on Sun Mar 18, 2012 12:44 am

I have been a foster mother for a one-eyed rat for almost a year. I have been looking for his forever home for awhile, but he comes with a lot of conditions that has made it kind of hard.

His name is Pizza, and he was in a neglectful and abusive home before that. He was one of the rats that I fostered when I was a part of an animal rescue, but I kept him because he needed special attention.

Some of his issues are: he can't get along with other rats, he will bite (not hard) if you stick your finger in his cage, and he is very anti-social at first. (then a sweetie who will give you manicures, ain't even kidding)

He has been a loving member of this family, but he's been fighting with his cage mate for awhile, and I'm about to introduce to neutered females that are quite small, and I'm not comfortable doing it while he is in the main cage.

He is good baby, I love him and I really want him with a forever parent I can trust.

I will provide you with a cage and some food and bedding, and I will send you pics or bring him to a meeting (if the host is ok with it!) to introduce you. While he may not get a long with other rats, he LOVES busy homes, so if you have a lot of roomates, he would love that as well as a single parent (ppffft) who would give him a lot of attention, which I can't provide him with my current situation.

PLEASE consider him and tell your friends. He would be a great addition to a human/dog family. And, his name is Pizza? That's awesome.

Either reply here or email me I don't have a phone right now.


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