queer touring bands looking for show in east bay

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queer touring bands looking for show in east bay Empty queer touring bands looking for show in east bay

Post  Violent Vickie on Thu May 17, 2012 4:23 pm

here is the email I got from them:

Hey ya'll,

Name's Kay. I'm the bassist in a queer/transcore band called Velvet Fist from Vancouver, BC. Velvet Fist is planning a tour in June with a Seattle post-punk two piece called Nation of Two. Our ideal is to be in the Bay Area around pride weekend to do pride stuff (ie: trans march, dyke march, etc), hang out, and play rad gay shame/alternative pride style show(s). I was wondering if any of ya'll would be into trying to hook something up for us while we're in town.

If you're not into it/able to, maybe you could point us in the direction of other rad queer/lady punk bands (such as wild moth, younger lovers, melting wreck, american splits, etc)


P.S. Here's the bios for Velvet Fist and Nation of Two:

Velvet Fist is a Vancouver, B.C.-based queercore band that has been pissing off breeders since 2010. Since forming, we've shared the stage with bands as diverse as My Parade, Shearing Pinx, Dogjaw, and Fucking Lesbian Bitches. We have a penchant for glitter, the lunachicks, transsexuality, animal print outfits, nudity, unicorns,and punk rock covers of Melissa Ethridge songs.

For more info contact velvetfistvancouver@gmail.com


Nation of Two is a guitar/drums duo from Seattle. While we can no longer claim to be the only all-transgender band on earth, we perhaps are the first. We started this band over fourteen years ago when we began learning our instruments together. At this point we have become unique.

The idea for this band was sparked at an Elvin Jones performance over a decade ago, and our patron saint is the uncategorizable Nina Simone. Our favorite bands we've played with are Shoplifting, Erase Errata, the King Cobra, the Gossip, Tracy and the Plastics, the Dead Science, and Deerhoof.


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