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Meeting Notes Archive

Post  WhatFreshHeck on Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:30 am

This thread is for our meeting notes. Unless anyone else wants to do this, I'm volunteering myself as the official note taker for all meetings. Notes
will sent out by email and posted here within a day of each meeting. Any corrections for spelling, details
or links can be sent to me and I will update the notes here. Feedback about notes in general is also encouraged!
In the interest of keeping this thread as clutter-free as possible, please discuss agenda items in other threads. I'll add links from the notes as these pop up.

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Re: Meeting Notes Archive

Post  WhatFreshHeck on Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:37 am

February 5th Meeting Notes

In attendance: Zoe, Alicia, Tim, Josiane, Nic, Lindsey, Marissa, Charlotte, Amy, Avi, Lorae, Sarah, Leah, Milo, Joba, Olivia, Emily

A Permanent Wave show might be closer than you think!
Lorae is offering her place to host a show.
Lindsey knows a musician from the band Circle Circle who’s interested in playing a show.

It’s Complicated: Feminists Write About the Misogynist Art We Love
Judy Berman and Niina Polari of Permanent Wave NY have an awesome project dealing with appreciation of misogynist art from a feminist perspective.
Details can be found here:

Our Online Presence
We’re still working things out, but we have a message board here. Yeah, right here. You found it.

Vegan Bake Sale: Let’s have one!
Lindsey’s got a list of organizations she’s interested in supporting.
There was one a while ago for Planned Parenthood.
Vegansaurus is a great local resource who can help us.

Zoe read an interesting article about white privilege in anti-racist movements here:
This sparked some awesome discussion about how privilege affects participation in movements intended to deal with that very privilege.
Especially because we want to address concerns of intersectionality in activism, it’s important that Permanent Wave meeting be a safe space for everyone attending. If you are EVER uncomfortable, please speak up right away.

The Zine!
We are totally making one of these next meeting! Please bring finished pages to the meeting or get in touch with another member to bring yours if you don’t think you can make it on the 17th.
Pages will be half a piece of printer paper. That is, 5.5 in by 8.5. Please leave at least one vertical margin clear enough to be used for binding without obscuring your work.
Some prompts to use if you’re not sure what you want to do:
What does feminism mean to you?
What do we want from our feminist movement?
What’s the biggest obstacle feminists face?
What’s a formative feminist experience you had?

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Re: Meeting Notes Archive

Post  WhatFreshHeck on Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:12 pm

Privilege, Oppression, Kyriarchy Meeting

Ground rules for future meetings
One Diva, one mic: One speaker at a time, please.
Don’t yuck someone’s yum: If someone is passionate about something. Please don’t tell them how uncool you think it is.
Anonymity: All meetings are confidential within the group. Please state if you’d like something to be off the record or approach note takers after the meeting.

Organizational stuff
We need a central method of communication. Tim proposes the forum. It has calendar functionality and folks can reply to a thread that’s tied to a specific calendar items.
The email listserv can also be used for meeting scheduling and notes, but let's not clutter it up with general discussion.
If you would like administrative access to any Perm Wave online presence (tumblr, forum, google group) please ask Zoe or Tim.
The purpose of the Permanent Wave Bay Area tumblr is still a little nebulous. That's okay, we'll figure it out before too long.

The Shondes Benefit Show
It’s totally happening. It's happening on May 11th at Thee Parkside.
Let’s bounce ideas off each other on the forum. Planned Parenthood would be a good draw for people.
Let’s try to have zines and stuff about Permanent Wave itself to give concertgoers.
The event is, unfortunately, 21+. Let's commit to making sure events that we have more of a hand in planning are all ages.

Girl Scout cookies
It's Girl Scout Cookie season!
Tim has been collecting the boxes that the cookies are packaged in (the bigger ones) and hopes you do too.
This is why

is a term that describes interconnected, interacting, and multiplicative systems of domination and submission, within which a person oppressed in one context might be privileged in another. It is an intersectional elaboration of the concept of patriarchy — it extends the analysis of oppression beyond traditional feminism to dynamics such as sexism, racism, economic injustice, and other forms of internalized and institutionalized oppression.

Privilege walk
We passed around a box with instances of privilege (ie: I have a savings account, I can go shopping without being followed by security) and stepped forward when they applied to us.
By the end of the exercise we were all at different distances from the starting position and passing the box or even talking to each other was difficult.
Consider this as a metaphor for how privilege affects communication in our lives.

Examples of Oppression activity
We put anonymous slips of paper describing times we were oppressed and times we oppressed others into a box and read them aloud.
There was some great discussion around this and it should probably continue here

The meaning of the name Permanent Wave
Lindsey talked about the meaning of Permanent Wave (as opposed to First, Second or Third Wave feminism)
The meaning of this name is really important to the group and our goals, so let's think about this and how it shapes our manifesto.

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Re: Meeting Notes Archive

Post  helsabot on Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:40 am

March 16 meeting

In attendance: Lorae, Milo, Courtney, Zoë

Website edits
We’ve put basic information about our meeting times, the listserv and the forum onto our city page on the Permanent Wave website (view it here). Amy (from PWNYC) will be creating a calendar for us soon.

Levi’s commuter pants
Levi’s has made a full “commuter” line of clothing intended for cyclists. The line only includes men’s clothing, AND they only market it to men. We all found this really irritating. Not that we really want to buy it, but more that Levi’s is sending the message that only men are serious enough cyclists to want clothes suited for commuting.

Burned hot cocoa
We got so incensed about Levi’s that Zoë forgot she was making hot chocolate for Lorae. It started smoking, and the chocolate got burned into the bottom of the pot. Here is a picture of it after Zoë boiled water in the pot and scraped out some of the charred mass:

We are considering having PWBA-sponsored events where we teach women how to do domestic chores wrong.

Book club
Milo would like to start a PWBA book club that meets every month. Although this could be incorporated into regular meetings, Milo suggested it be a separate event so people don’t feel obligated to participate if they don’t want to.

Meeting structures
Tim has suggested to Zoë (and possibly the group, Zoë isn’t sure) that one monthly meeting be “serious” and the other less so. This will prevent us from getting burned out on intense discussions while still allowing us to be productive and enjoy each other’s company. Lorae suggested our “off” (non-serious) meeting include a skill share of something that women are often discouraged from doing – fixing things, programming, etc. We agreed that this small meeting was very enjoyable because it was more focused on hanging out and bonding.

Meeting leaders?
Lorae is concerned that appointing people as meeting leaders may be a slippery slope to having an unofficial hierarchy within the group (ie the same people have the same roles every time). At the same time, we all acknowledged that meetings need to have some sort of structure so we don't lose focus. Lorae proposed that we finish each meeting by creating a plan for the next one. We treat meetings as a series of modules, where each person guides the discussion or activity of their creation. More than anything, we want to avoid using the word "leader" to describe a role within the group.

Next meeting: Lorae’s nonviolent communication booklets
Lorae made printouts to lead a discussion about nonviolent communication. Since only four people were at this meeting, we decided to postpone this discussion until a later meeting with better attendance.

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Re: Meeting Notes Archive

Post  WhatFreshHeck on Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:32 am

In attendance: Zoe, Tim, Lorae, Spencer, Olivia, Ariel, Courtney, Nat, Emily, Alicia

Important announcement re: Pokemon
Lorae has a Super Nintendo thing so you can play Game Boy games on it. If you want to play Pokemon on a television, let her know.

Our online presence
Our web presence on the main Permanent Wave site is currently a link to our forum and mailing list.
We'd like have a calendar on the main site and spruce up the forum and tumblr Ariel has volunteered to check this out.
Zoe is going to change our tumblr to make administration of it easier for everyone and then Alicia is taking charge.
Zoe will register a google account that we can all use as the tumblr log in and central administration log in for our web stuff

Non-violent communication, some tips
Lorae brought a book with some tips on communication
Distinguish facts from judgements: As in "you're not following the recipe and that's important to me" vs "you're ruing this cake
Connecting with your body: Think about yourself physically and how that affects you.
Explore your feelings: What other emotions are contributing to your anger.
Explore needs: Consider the essence of what both parties are looking for.
Make a request: Ask for what you want rather than disapproving of what they don't want.
Request connection: Try to initiate dialogue rather than an opportunity to tell someone they're wrong.
Reflect what you've heard: Restating what someone's saying to you is a great way to ensure you understand each other.
Saying no: It's important to explain and understand motivations when someone says no.
Be brief: Maximize the use of other people's time by getting right to the point.
Celebrate diversity: Everyone comes into a conflict from a different place.
Be open: Be ready for your point of view to be challenged and changed.
Share your heart: Be honest with yourself and share your feelings.

Possible benefit show!
Olivia and Courtney have a manager who is in a band who (we are told) is not too bad!
He's interested doing a Permanent Wave benefit.

Bike ride on Sunday the 15th
Lorae will teach us stuff about at the Bike Kitchen then we'll go to Sunday Streets
It'll be totally cool!

Fixing a flat tire
Is really fun and I can't describe it too well. If there's a video of this we should check out, let us know!

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Re: Meeting Notes Archive

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